Wolf:ET Final LAN: 17th May - 19th May 2019

(Moobabe) #1

Hey everyone!

This weekend marks a huge occasion for Wolf:ET.

What could be one of the final competitive LAN events is taking part in Krefeld, Germany.

From Friday 17th May to Sunday 19th May some of the finest Wolf:ET teams are competing, and the whole thing will be live on Twitch.

There’s a lot of information to take in, though so let’s dive in:

The schedule for the event: https://www.crossfire.nu/news/9126/the-eternity-lan-schedule

Some general information about the event: https://www.crossfire.nu/news/9125/the-eternity-lan-general-information

The groups that will be taking part: https://www.crossfire.nu/news/9124/the-eternity-lan-groups

The in-game stream: www.twitch.tv/Merl1nator

The out of game stream of the LAN centre: www.twitch.tv/ETernityTV1

Be sure to follow the Twitch accounts now and set reminders, you will not want to miss this!

So you’re excited, I can tell, but what can you do to help?

Help spread the message far and wide - the team have put so much effort into organising this event, and we want to make sure it’s the very best that it can be.