Windowed mode?

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check the settings on your TV, make sure it doesn’t auto stretch

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[quote=“SnakekillerX;c-221811”]Its a really strange, I haven’t been able to replicate Sploosh’s problem.
My windowed 1600x900 does display correctly. I took a screenshot of it and pasted it in paint and then checked the dimensions of the game and they were indeed 1600x900.

Wish I could help but unless someone else can replicate the problem it may be too specific to his PC. Could be a combination of software and hardware that is just doing something wrong that other people are just simply unable to replicate.[/quote]

Sadly, I can’t even narrow down the problem D: It seems like any time I enter 16:9 windowed mode, all of the resolutions set to 1280x720 rather than what they truly are. Other resolutions like 4:3 and 5:4 appear to work properly. I’m going to test Dirty Bomb on my little brother’s computer and on his monitor and TV.

Not it sadly. One of the first things I checked was my TV’s settings. Also, all other games work fine and display the normal 1600x900 windowed mode resolution.

I should also note that full-screen modes work correctly.

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So I tested Dirty Bomb on my little brother’s computer and found that windowed mode appears how it should. I really have no idea what could be causing this. All I know is that windowed mode is essentially reverting back to 1280x720 no matter what I do. No other games do this to me, just Dirty Bomb after the anticheat update.

If anyone has any suggestions, please tell me. I think the only thing I missed was reinstalling Dirty Bomb into a different folder as @Amerika suggested. I must have completely forgot to do this. I’ll get around to it soon and hopefully that somehow fixes my issues.

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do you use vga or hdmi in

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have you tried vga ?

edit: it just sounds more like a display problem than an game problem

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[quote=“Nail;c-222183”]have you tried vga ?

edit: it just sounds more like a display problem than an game problem[/quote]

My TV doesn’t have VGA.

All other games work fine and I never had the problem before the anticheat update. It just appears like the resolution refuses to entire anything other than 1280x720, like something is stopping it. I’ve noticed this by looking through the various settings. I’m guessing it defaults to this resolution for some reason. What reason, I do not know.

I will steal my brother’s monitor when I get the chance and see if the window sizes properly on there. If that’s not the issue, than that will at least narrow down my problem D:

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Sometimes a window has become too small. In that case, you can do self as follow click the middle icon in the top right corner then go to the bottom right-hand corner and release to find the correct size of a window.

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Holy necro!

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