Will the MOFO update break Objective matches?

(kopyright) #1

Now that some of the maps have been overhauled to be more attacker-friendly (Trainyard most notably) do you think we will see more people quitting right after joining an OBJ server when they see that they are on the disadvantaged defender team?

(it’s probably not that much of an issue on SW servers since you are going to play both sides anyway)

(Dr_Plantboss) #2

My answer: [center]NO[/center]

Why not?

Player are either too stupid to realize that, or they have the decency to not just leave because the didn’t get on the team that they wanted.

(kopyright) #3

Let’s hope you are right.

(Thai-San) #4

People didn’t leave Bridge when they started as attackers while the first stage was defender friendly. I don’t think that turning the tables will change that.

One side will always have a slightly better chance to win then the other (except when it’s a mirrored map).