Why splash damage dont do a ps4 version of Dirty Bomb?

(Mr Foster702) #1

I now that there is h1z1 and fortnite to compete with among other games, but the ps4 have a lack of free good games. When h1z1 was launched on ps4 it worked pretty well from a game studio wich wasn’t sure if their project could work as it does. Splash Damage should try it out just to see if something could be acheived in the platform in my opinion.

(Kirays) #2

That’s an inconceivable thought you have going there to presume Dirty Bomb would attract a big enough of an audience on the PS4 to be worth the consideration. If it didn’t manage to stay healthy on its own, the devs would have to develop cross-platform play to keep it alive which, due to the overall difficulty, would make aim assist a requirement since controllers are vastly inferior to mice in terms of accurate aiming and thus sacrifice any and all forms of skill as a result.

With all of that said, unless a miracle happens we won’t be seeing new fancy stuff anyway, yet alone an entire new platform.

(DarkangelUK) #3

Not that I believe for a moment it would ever get a console release, but if it were to then i’d prefer it went on Xbox where mouse and keyboard support is now official and will grow in supported games.

(K1X455) #4

Are you kidding me?

They won’t even make a Mac version.

They attempted some sort of Linux server thingy that flopped 1.0

(Mc1412013) #5

Xbox probably would be better.

  1. similar os so im sure port would be quicker.
  2. I see more xboxes in the homes i go to than ps4
  3. I know both my kids friends are mostly xbone

Though i doubt it would ever happen since theyve been deadset on making it the best it can be on pc

Linux port would require them to add open gl or vulcan support.

They should have never had the pc only mentality from begining.

(Mr Foster702) #6

I now that the Xbox one should be better because of the mice and keyboard and the problems of controller in a hard way to map it to players don’t lose skill in order to have a facility. But DB is such a great game(IMO!) and its a game that should be played if someone didn’t played yet. The speed + size of maps are great, making a very fast shooter with a lot of action.

(henki000) #7

Linux already support Direct X trought Wine. It can run some Enreal Engine 3 games. Only problem here is that cheaters could exploit sand box like system without detection. Enabling EAC for wine is not a problem, or time/resource consuming issue. SD should do it now, when playerbase is low and cheaters have gone to more popular games. Perhaps server owners could decide, if they want to use anti-cheat or select what operating system players can have with the risk of being exploited by some alternative OS hacker.

Problem with other platforms, is that Dirty Bomb would need optimization and it’s time consuming. But then, optimization could be left to homedevs, who work with compatibility layers for fun. Thats why it cant be easily ported to ps4 or xbox, they have strict quality standards to uphold. Free devs dont have rights to Dirty Bombs source code, so they cant make optimization for SD. And as far as I know, present consoles does not support emulators like the good old first xbox.

(Floris) #8

We should also consider the opportunity cost of porting the game to consoles. SD can either spend resources on a game that seems to be end of life or they can spend resources on a new game that has more potential to bring in cash or co-development that will bring in a guaranteed amount of cash. Technical talent is expensive and you can only put them to work on a limited amount of projects at the same time. Besides the technical work in porting the game, I also think they would need to reconsider various gameplay elements, such as player speed and weapon damage. I would rather see SD’s next game work great on consoles than DB getting ported to them.

A console port would always have come at a price for the PC version, so to be honest I’m glad that they focused on the PC.