Why rent servers with uneven player numbers?

(Teflon Love) #1

I noticed that you can rent servers with 11, 13, and 15 players (not 17 though):

What would be the point of that? Is this intended to allow a permanent spectator or is it a cunning move from SD to ensure that matches turn out imbalanced?

(K1X455) #2

We were thinking of renting a server but NZ wasn’t on the map of country hosts…

(_charon_) #3

Back in good old ET days, there were often some pw-protected extra slots for i.E. specs, ref, server owners etc. Actually a must have together with Merc/Ping restriction and a decent set of console cmds for admins…But most likely will not happen :disappointed: (Just thinking of current voting system and how many years its fucked up)

(kopyright) #4

Admin/spectator slot.

(n-x) #5

While we are on the topic. Is anyone pre-ordering a server? 1.5-2 years ago I would have maybe rented one. But I hardly play DB anymore and mostly just follow the forum. Is anyone of the active players pre ordering, and if so, why?

I just skimmed over the server ordering page and I basically didn’t see any info on how they are customizable. Is there really someone willing to spend money, without knowing what he is actually getting for it. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but SD has a track record of underperforming new features and then leaving them for a long time like that.

(DarkangelUK) #6

Why is it suddenly SD at fault for this? Check multiplays other games, they all offer even and odd numbers, this isn’t DB exclusive.

(Eox) #7

Just don’t rent your server with an odd number of slots. Problem solved.

(bgyoshi) #8

It’s not a far leap of the imagination to conclude that you’re renting a server with 10 player slots and 1 - 5 spectator slots

(Teflon Love) #9

Thanks for the replies. So the intention is to have more slots for spectators and admins. Here’s hoping the these slots can be protected from players to prevent uneven teams.

This means however that when configuring a server for 8vs8 players no dedicated admin slots would be left. Which I’m perfectly fine with because I never liked the 8vs8 mess, but it seems worth mentioning if someone else is inclined to go for an 8vs8 server.

(RageSmirk) #10

I would have rented but my country isn’t in the list.

(Aerodrome) #11

level restriction option is available or not???
if not => useless servers

(Aerodrome) #12

u don’t need ur country
im from Russia playing Eu servers

(B_Montiel) #13

Is this going to be the usual SD’s answer to most issues we could face with community servers ?

That’s their very own responsibility to have chosen Multiplay as an exclusive server provider. As such, they are very responsible for respecting the community expectations, and keeping the server provider on track with them.

I mentioned some serious issues with servers for quite a while now, which are most certainly rented from multiplay. Nothing has been done in that field since Nexon left the boat. Which gives me some significant concerns about renting one, even though, speaking for the AIE community, we ran our public server for quite a while with good attendance.

(Begin2018) #14

1€/player? Then 16€ for a 8v8 server?? Lol, for 16€ you can rent a VPS with 2 vCore 2.4GHz, 8GB RAM, 100Mbps connection, 40Go SSD… And run way more things on it than just a trash 8v8 game server!

(DarkangelUK) #15

What does any of that have to do with the fact that multiplay supply odd and even server slots for all of their servers?

(B_Montiel) #16

Yes that’s quite off-topic. But this definitely represents the near future for many other subjects. Putting odd number server slots obviously means they have not done anything for proper DB integration, which I know for a fact does not support spectator slots as of now. And multiplay has got a pretty bad reputation, at least from my side, so there is going to very little surprise about the quality of their delivery, both for SD guys and us players/renters

(Amerika) #17

Most server rental systems advertise for X playable spots and Y spec spots if the game supports spec only. The servers with the spec only slots tend to be cheaper and used for tournament play where you need an admin or two and a caster or two. I’m not sure if that is the case here or just an oversight.

(Aerodrome) #18

waiting for servers :smirk_cat:
here some changes I can see on the tab Server Browser
Russia and United Kingdom servers was removed … but I don’t care a lot coz im Eu part of Russia
its some strange Ping for Stockholm servers (I think it not Stockholm now … only have name like this)

prices for server is really high
10 ÂŁ for 6x6 is good

I hope here can be good EU servers (Frankfurt or Stockholm) with lvl restriction 40+ where I can play