Why not replace the "xp/min" with "xp/round"?

(frostyvampire) #1

It would be nicer if at the end of Execution matches, you could see your average xp per round rather than xp per minute. I don’t really have anything else to add on that

The xp/min stat will still count towards your global stats in profile like now, xp/round will only be shown at the end-game menu/UI

(Dr_Plantboss) #2

The current system shows you your experience in a ratio. XP/min gives you a fairly accurate representation of your performance throughout the whole match, but feel that XP/round will give you an incorrect number because of these reasons:

  1. Rounds don’t always last the same amount of time
  2. You aren’t always on the same side
  3. You may not have played the same merc

Sure, these apply to XP/min as well, but to a lesser impact.

All in all, I think that having XP/round would not be worth it. I do think that telling the player the actual amount they earned each round (instead of an averaged number) would be a good feature.

(frostyvampire) #3


  1. I know they don’t, but it’s still nicer to see xp per round. If you played for 2 rounds, the first one lasted 40 seconds and the 2nd lasted 2 minutes and you got 700xp in the first round and 1100 in the 2nd one. Your average xp/round will be 900. But xp/min will be 675. It’s a lot neater to see the average of all rounds

  2. Side doesn’t matter much. Defenders have a chance to get the long defense bonus and defuse xp, attackers can get the plant xp and detonation xp. And it doesn’t make rounds any shorter or longer so it’s exactly the same in xp/min

  3. How does switching mercs affect anything here?

Actually xp/round will be more accurate because you lose about 30 seconds every round before actually doing anything (freezetime + time until you meet up with some enemies)

But if you really like xp/min, why not have both xp/round AND xp/min?
The xp you earned in each round won’t hurt, but it will take a lot of data because each player got a different amount of xp every round and the server has to remember it and all that stuff. But if it doesn’t cause too much lag I don’t mind it

(Dr_Plantboss) #4

Because if you play Aura one round and get 1500 xp, and then next round play proxy, you will almost never get up to that amount.

(frostyvampire) #5

But the same thing happens if you go Aura for 1 minute and then go Proxy for another minute.