Why no FPS lock?

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I’m wondering why I can’t lock my fps with a console command.
Everytime I play this game my fps goes to 130 (which is really nice), but at the same time it makes my GPU goes to its maximum usage. This means that my GPU gets up to 98 Celcius, something I’m worried about. Right now I’m using EVGA precisionX (GPU manufacturer) to lock my fps on 90 to reduce the usage of my GPU. The thing is that the program is not always working properly, meaning that I have to ALT+TAB a lot during the game which makes the game laggy as (----). It’s starting to get frustrating that I can’t lock the fps on the game itself by a simple console command that every single FPS game has implemented. So why does Dirty Bomb not have this? Or am I wrong about this, assuming there is a command that I don’t know about. If so, please tell me how to fix this :slight_smile:

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(Nail) #2

quick fix, turn on vsync
there is a console command or was, someone more familiar with Unreal should be able to tell you

(SeroX) #3

Got it, thanks to mrfunkyfunk.
go to: Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\ShooterGame\Config\ShooterEngine
In this folder you can find these commands:

Make them:
MaxSmoothedFrameRate=the max you want

There are 2 of these lines, 1 is for the menu and 1 is for ingame.
You can just change both or only change 1 of them.