Why isn't Execution Mode in Ranked playlist?

(Silvi) #1

Seems like its only objective.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

(SYNERGYWalker) #2

I agree, it should be there!

(wolvie) #3

Because Execution sucks!

(poiSon-) #4

Execution is bad for competitive, first things first the maps need more balancing before it will be implemented for ranked execution. Also execution has only one objective, it can get boring playing in the same part of a map constantly. Ranked execution also would need to be a BO3 (Best Of 3) because determining a winner from first to 7 would be very VERY fast.

(NetflixandKill) #5

I honestly think the main reason is that there are already not enough players to sustain ranked play as it is. If they added a 2nd playlist, yes there might be some new players who start playing ranked because they like execution, but it could divide the already inadequately small playerbase for ranked in half, meaning even longer queue times and making it even more impossible to find a game. I think SD will add Execution in the long run, but more players need to start playing ranked before they even consider it.

(gloomyRequirement) #6

I actually strongly disagree. I don’t find execution unbalanced at all. In fact, I tend to think it’s the exact opposite. In execution marksman heroes suddenly aren’t useless anymore and engineers can actually play rather than going full-lemming on the objective.

Personally I’d love to see an execution ranked mode.

(ZenVirZan) #7

I completely agree, and I think merc choices are much more balanced in execution compared to their stopwatch counterparts, and there are far less restrictions on what’s viable and what’s not. (Sky support mercs aren’t as ridiculous, etc). It also feels much more team oriented, especially when playing with friends over comms.

That said, unless Dirty Bomb has some sort of unreal concurrent player spike all of a sudden, diluting the ranked community any further will not happen any time soon.