Why is not the name of the map appearing in the horst game?

(Comida Japonesa) #1

good night somebody could help me in one thing, before when I did the arena script to appear in the horst game it appeared good, right now doing right the arena script does not appear in the horst game anymore, it must be some bug or something that this missing in the script wanted to understand why, the script looks like this:

map “squarearena”
longname “square arena”
type “wolfmp wolfsw”
timelimit 10
axisRespawnTime 5
alliedRespawnTime 5
briefing “the arena battle allied vs axis , kill the oponent.”
axiswintext “axis win.”
alliedwintext “allied win.”
mapposition_x 336
mapposition_y 255

(KeMoN) #2

The arena file looks good to me on first sight. Could you tell us something about your testing process?
Is that arena file in a pk3? If so, what is the folder structure inside it and where is it located?

(Comida Japonesa) #3

I put the arena script in the script folder

it might be some virus on the computer that has affected or some gktradiant bug

(KeMoN) #4

The folder is supposed to be called scripts not script.
If that is not the issue then please provide more information than a single one liner.
It’s basically impossible to help you without any information.

(Comida Japonesa) #5

thanks thats right i have to put scripts to work