Why is everything so expensive? Developers please

(Bubblegum) #1

Hi, I am new to the Dirty Bomb. I know game is dead but I like the game and there is always someone to play with.

If game is abandoned and no longer monetized, could developers make things cheaper? For example, it is impossible for me to get 175 000 credits for 10 cards or to get all the characters to play with.

Please, make things cheaper for new players. Cheaper things wont change anything on your side, but it help lot of new players.

(Mc1412013) #2

Play alot and do your misions

(Press E) #3

I agree with you tbh, now that this game isn’t monetized, everything may as well be cheaper

I know there’s an argument for “but having to grind for credits means you have something to progress too” and sure, that kind of progression was great in keeping us long time players around for years, but DB is on a downwards spiral. New players aren’t gonna be interested in days of grinding for one merc, and they might not even have time to.
I’d rather they just knock the average merc price down to 5000 credits or something and go from there.

But even as things are @bubblegum, saving up for everything isn’t really that bad. You can get cards from cases, and most of them don’t even offer a very big gameplay difference, so being stuck with the defaults isn’t the end of the world. Just play the free mercs while you save up, none of them are bad, and by the time you have the credits you should have a better idea of who to play while you save up for the next merc

(Bubblegum) #4

thank you.
I tried for 3 days. Purchased that rocket lady.
It was a mistake. Weapons are terrible.


Game is beautiful and gameplay is lot of fun but those core things that are hidden behind credits and RNG killed mi interest to continue playing.

(kittz0r) #5

well then you weren’t really interested in the first Place.

(Bubblegum) #6

game is dead and this is maybe reason why. Its not “interest” that make games good.

(kittz0r) #7

no its not getting everything for free or without spending 2 Hours in a Game. Then you complain about a Weapon even though you could easily change the Weapon.

(Mc1412013) #8

Thats fine we dont need salty players anyway we need players that enjoy the game and want to have fun not ruin the player experiance

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #9

Should’ve purchased grenade lady instead :nadokai:

(jemstar) #10

Shooda got Nader!! Not the Nader wannabe!!

(Nail) #11

" Why is everything so expensive?"

it isn’t, you’re poor


(Mc1412013) #12

Too bad u cant trade credits i have almost 4 million theres people that them more than me

(Dream2108) #13

2XB2V-NNVY7-B960H - Tiki 47 faceit edition


Just like you, I am also a newbie, and I still enjoy playing DB even if it cost me a couple of bucks. I just hope that the developer will work on improving the game since there are some people who still love it.