Why Fragger isn't a problem, and Aura is

(watsyurdeal) #1

So, right away you wanna say, bullshit Fragger is overpowered and broken shut the fuck up scrub. But before you mouth off without actually listening to what I have to say, here is the thing. Fragger’s job is to deal damage, he can’t do objectives well, can’t supply ammo, can’t heal people, his job is to slay, just like Vasilli. In other words, as frustrating as he is, believe me I know, I hate fighting him as well, the thing is…that is his JOB. that is his purpose.

Now, Aura, let’s talk about her role, Medic obviously right? Has a shotgun for close range right? To get in, kill whoever killed you, and pick you up, as well as protect her healing station, right?

Now, why can the healing station allow the class with lowest amount of health…tank so much damage? Is Aura’s job to be a bullet sponge? Or a valuable asset for her team to protect?

Before we even go into really changing or nerfing anything, we need to look at the various aspects of each Merc, and decide what they should and should NOT be able to do.

Fragger and Vassili should be good at killing people, Arty should be good at medium range and air support, but he isn’t, Aura should be a Medic and not a tank.

I’m sure most of you probably don’t need me to point this out but, I felt like this needs to be said.

(strawberryJacket) #2

Sure, fragger should be good at killing but his mg is simply too good at it and grenades offers even less counter play than healing stations. Making grenades cook longer and fly slower would mostly help with his grenades and toning down mg would put it with other weapons (so far there is no reason to use m4 or br-16 over mg, not even a single one).

That would probably put him in a good place. Healing station is obviously broken, there was so many discussion around it that there is no point to add anything, as long as SD obeys echo overlord (and i cant really belive that they cant see how broken the station is, as it changes every map into a cockblocks at every phase) things wont change it seems.

(Solid Stache ~NaC) #3

The BR-16 and m4 are solid choices over the mg, even as fragger. Those load-outs just change his play style to be more medium and long range oriented rather than close range.

The change I would propose for the healing station is to slow down the healing by at least 20%, maybe less. Make it so it doesn’t heal through bullets every second, but have it slow enough to obviously be at a disadvantage while firefighting against someone camping it, but not to have such little counter play where you unload clips and just do not kill the person.

The healing station should be used for defensive purposes, not for both sides of the coin. Aura outclasses every medic that has been released due to having the unique ability to heal through damage, and it is teetering to be one of the most over powered abilities as it stands.

This will most likely change once more AoE characters come out, mainly stoker and nader, however, in the current meta it’s just too much.

(Cswic) #4

Or maybe there could stop being premature balance posts about proxy or aura because a merc like nader is basically a hard counter to those two.