Why does so few people play SW?

(ProfPlump) #21

[quote=“novelBastion;12118”]There are atleast 3 times the OBJ matches running at any time and I don’t understand why.

Don’t people understand what SW is and they just see Objective and think COD/CS?[/quote]

Objective is much more entertaining for pubs, while Stopwatch is much more balanced and fair.

(bgyoshi) #22

I don’t like a forced timer. Spending 15 minutes getting rolled over, twice, isn’t fun. Similarly, sitting there steamrolling an opponent twice is really not fun. Plus, if a map is not fun to play, being stuck on it for 2 15 minute rounds is real bad.

Objective is hands down better if for no reason beyond the fact that if you’re getting steamrolled, you only have to suffer through 7 minutes or so since you can’t complete the first objective, instead of 15 minutes. Then you’re done, and teams reshuffle.

(MarsRover) #23

Objective is better balanced. People tend to leave during a game more often in Stopwatch.

(RedBeard) #24

Clearly you have never been to North Korea! You will find the fossil you seek.

(KUST__LunarTM) #25

More cases per minute in Obj

(SaulWolfden) #26

The team balance being horrific is more apparent in Stopwatch. It is not fun to be steamrolled or to steamroll another team twice.

(Teflon Love) #27

To be fair, it’s never twice 15 minutes but 15 minutes of failing as attackers and 2 minutes being steamroaled as defenders. But it’s an awful experience nevertheless.

True that.

Let’s hope for the coming match making improvements.

BTW on min 10 servers Stopwatch usually is a lot of fun because the skill gap between players is lower and there are no 3/27 Vasilis or non ammo dropping Skyhammers. But I suppose many players never get there because of their awful experience at the non level restriced servers.

(bgyoshi) #28

I honestly didn’t notice much difference between Min 10 SW and regular, aside from the lack of bad snipers. Steamrolls were just as frequent, they were just with a different team composition.

(LifeupOmega) #29

I get so very, very tired of jimmy no-aim the 3/28 vas player shuffling in the second half and all my hard work going to waste.

(Szakalot) #30

frankly shuffling any time after 5min of first half is silly too. one team gets 15min, the other gets 10

(straightforwardMacadamia) #31

I’ve always preferred stopwatch because of the longer matches. Switching a map after 5-10 minutes gets annoying after a bit and besides. I also fancy playing on both sides. If they would improve the teambalance there might be more players playing stopwatch rather than objective.

(watsyurdeal) #32

Because they suck

Seriously, it’s that simple, people just don’t know how to coordinate with each other.

(Doggerinoz) #33

Some people don’t like long matches.

(CyberVonCyberus) #34

@Doggerinoz Did you really need to necro a thread that was 2 years old ?

(binderr) #35

Personally I want casual stopwatch just like casual objective, its more balanced. Im kind of tired of playing casual objective games where it end in less than 5 minutes. I’ve stopped playing stopwatch from server browser as most games are terribly balanced. Why can’t they just implement the same algorithm and bring casual stopwatch too, we need stopwatch dam it!