Why does Phantom have such an intense blur when he decloaks?


Ik I’m late to the phantom rework complaint party, but:
We can all agree that melee phantoms suck, and that phantom should focus on using his guns, right? So how come decloaking gives him such intense screen distortion that it’s impossible to track someone for a good second after decloaking?

Sure, I guess it stops people from cheesing a string of headshots, but isn’t that like, the whole point of how to play phantom properly? If you basically can’t aim a solid second after you decloak while everyone turns around, all that does is encourage you to use melee, which is probably more frustrating to fight against than a phantom with a gun. Phantom isn’t too difficult to see, and he should have some kind of reward for successfully flanking, not whatever this is

(K1X455) #2

I use guns and ka-chaa.

Is that OK?

And BTW… I don’t see Phantom at all…