Why does delivering the Data Cores on Trainyard not give you any time?

(Soapbar) #1

Seriously, you get more time for passing checkpoints with EV’s and more time for delivering the EMP charges on Chapel and I think you also get more time for delivering Virus samples on Bridge.

So why is Trainyard the odd one out? All it serves to do is make certain Trainyard situations unwinnable for the attacking team. It’s pretty easy to deny the Datacore with Stoker or Kira and IIRC it only goes into overtime if your in the middle of delivering it (I may not be remembering correctly though).

It doesn’t help that just getting the damn Data Cores to the thing is hard as shit because most of the paths you have to take to get them there are narrow, long hallways with no cover (one of which gives Defenders a height advantage

(bgyoshi) #2

You only receive more time for completing a stage’s phase. Bridge does not add time for stealing a drug sample. Chapel does not add time for returning an EMP. Unless something has changed in this very last patch.

Each time you complete a stage you get a fixed time bonus. Since returning/stealing objectives is the last phase, you don’t get more time. Similarly, the phase is to return 2 objectives. You don’t get more time for completing only half of a phase, no matter what it is.

(Nibbles02) #3

Also these “long cover-less hallways” that you’re talking about in Trainyard are all open to the sky and provide cover in some form for both sides. If anything, all 3 ways are attacker-sided because they have to cover such a large area that it’s easy to single out some of the players and push any survivors back.

This is why you’ll often see competent players camping the actual delivery crate instead of at the front of the routes, as it’s way too easy to slip past everyone if you just flank around them

(Dr_Plantboss) #4

My answer is basically the same as MidnightButterSweats’, but I’ll make it a little bit easier to understand: Delivering the objective is the objective, so delivering the first is actually part of the same objective. This is why you get time for delivering the virus on dome.