why did my framerate go down after the last update?

(badsidekun01) #1

I used to get 70+ fps before the last update. Now I’m getting 30 below fps. my gpu drivers are up to date. I didn’t change any settings. My graphic settings was a mix of low - high. Now even minimum is giving me 40fps at the most. Tried switching from DX9 to DX11 and still getting very low almost unplayable frame rates. I hope someone can help me out…

(Ominous) #2

I am having similar experiences. Iv found turning off dynamic frames and running dx11 helps me. The dynamic frames seems to turn itself on every now and then.

(badsidekun01) #3

thanks buddy. will try that now. hope it works!

(badsidekun01) #4

sadly, still didnt work… this is the only fps that i play. and i love playing it… now i think this issue makes me want to uninstall… and SD doesnt even pay attention to little things like this… thanks anyway!

(YoBoyLeeroy) #5

well i know this issue is already outdated but i got 10 fps and then i have to go on minimum with every setting for 4 days to stay at least on 25 fps till they fix it in next update … but i was looking for this everywhere and didnt find the solution either

(Armuh) #6

People have been saying that one of the causes of it were the merc decks, they apparently cause framerate drops especially when people spawn in/ switch characters.

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about it as the possibility of changing certain settings with a config to boost FPS has been mostly removed due the Dev’s feeling that it gives players unfair advantages.