Who Stopped the Watch?

(TheGreatHoundini) #1

OK… Can someone explain this strange thing that happened to me in Stopwatch mode.

  1. I join Stopwatch game in progress. The map is Terminal at the first stage (“Blow up the Gate”)
  2. As Proxy, I blow up the Gate.
  3. The round suddenly ends even if there is still a lot of time on the clock. We do not proceed to Second Objective.
  4. It’s now our turn on Defense.
  5. The Attackers get past the gate quicker than we did earlier.
  6. The round continues to Second Objective. (!)
  7. Time runs out and Attackers fail Second Objective
  8. Attackers of this round declared winner of Stopwatch Match (!?!)

When No. 3 happened… I initially thought I had joined the 2nd half of a Stopwatch match and that Enemies in previous round must have failed to get past First Objective.

So this was all very confusing. Fun, but confusing.