Which map do you love the most

(bgyoshi) #1

Counter post to the hate, let’s see some love too! Specify redux or original for Dome/Terminal if you vote for them

I know this poll was made not too long ago, but now we have a few more map options

(everlovestruck) #2

Trainyard still has those vibes of 2015 - a time when DB was very different, but still felt much warmer than now

(Chilled Sanity) #3

Not the redux though

Fuck redux

(bgyoshi) #4

For me, it’s a toss up between Bridge and Dockyard

The flow of Bridge is really nice, even though I find the last objective to be a little too tight. It’s way too easy for attackers to return both objectives at once if they manage to get a lucky longspawn. The distance between pickup and delivery is too short. But it’s defender-sided enough to justify the sudden wins. Defending/Attacking the EV push is probably the highlight of the map.

Even though Dockyard is pretty straight-line, I find that the layout and function of the map can support all different kinds of team compositions. But the strength of defending the second MG nest corner, the final turn for the EV, and the final obj, make it just a little worse than Bridge by comparison.

But still, of all map choices, I’m always glad when servers vote for these.

(Press E) #5

I’m probably the only one who’s gonna say this, but probably chapel. It’s one of the most fun and balanced maps imo, and supports a lot of different playstyles.

A lot of people hate chapel because of arty spam or because it gets picked a tonne, and I don’t like that either, but that’s not really chapel’s fault. When it isn’t filled with 500 snipers and arties, it’s fun as hell.

Underground is close for me, but it has some balance issues around the first objective.

([ *O.C.B.* ] Wildcard) #6

@LoafOfBread said:
Not the redux though

@$!# redux

I agree with you, but I do understand that it was certainly the least newbie-friendly of the maps that received a Redux. I’m honestly a bit torn on this poll as I also feel that Trainyard is in a fairly good place too at the moment and is among my preferred maps currently.

Terminal’s Redux mainly receives hate from me for pointless removal of the Forward spawn; something that made the old version at least tolerable, and whose absence makes the Redux painful to play sometime. It also included the “lovely” addition of a completely useless secondary objective in its first stage to take its place, via a generator that serves attackers more use leaving alone than repairing it, that upon completion seals off a trick jump route to get behind their sniper roost and spawn.

Trainyard has always had a heavy emphasis on positioning and crossfires to get the most out of it on both Attack and Defense. Protection of key locations depended, and still does post-rework, on proper coordination, communication and heavy use of crossfires and flanks to shut down alternate routes and funnel the Attackers into specific paths; at the very least it would cause such alternatives to become that much harder to utilize if it was not completely shut down by proper setup. It’s one of the maps that kept its original feel and emphasis both before and after any changes made.

Dome lost a lot of its depth and complexity that came with its open layout and feel post-redux, at least on the 1st and 3rd Phase. The 1st phase was definitely hit the hardest of them by the redux, as it lost much of its multi-plane complexity with the removal of a true third lane, whereas the 3rd Phase simply lost that aspect in the flanking routes. The 1st Phase of dome really boils down to two lanes with the “third lane” really just being a slight branching path that is part of the center lane. I don’t really feel it can be called a Right Lane when it simply loops back into the same exact spot while having an entrance that only appears half-way into the Middle Lane; it’s a bypass to avoid the MG Nest’s sightlines and nothing more in the grand scheme, nothing more or less in my eyes. It simply allows you to duck into a side route for cover while in the Middle Lane, or to avoid it altogether if the Left Lane Generator is down.

(Your worst knifemare.) #7


(Teflon Love) #8

Trainyard is great if you have bad aim. Most of the time you can just AoE spam away with Arty or Kira. On the 2nd and 3rd objective on defense side with low skill opponents, a well placed Bushwacker turret can do most of the work for you. There’s also plenty of fun mine spots in case you prefer Proxy.

(SM83 Power Operative ) #9

Toss up between Bridge, Dockyard, and Trainyard for me. Think Trainyard has the edge a bit.

(Szakalot) #10

Castle flows great. Finally a map where even a weaker team gets all the objectives done, making for short intense games.
Bridge and Chapel are great, underground is fun, though far too easy to close attackers in their spawn on 1st obj

(Xenithos) #11

4 way tossup between castle, trainyard, chapel, and probably vault. I really do enjoy Bridge, but it feels SOOOO overplayed these days.

I never get tired of castle (though that last objective could use a little work), and trainyard is probably one of the most balanced feeling maps.

(Splicerrr) #12

Chapel is my favourite. Perfect map for every merc. Since I main Bush, I also really like trainyard. Its literally turret heaven there.

(Kirays) #13

This one is a tough call to be honest. Since I can’t bring myself to settle on one I’ll go with the following lineup instead. They aren’t noted down in any particular order.

Chapel, Bridge, Castle, Underground

(GatoCommodore) #14

@everlovestruck said:
Trainyard still has those vibes of 2015 - a time when DB was very different, but still felt much warmer than now

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #15

Loved the old Terminal, still like the new one.

(Xenithos) #16

@MuddyGrenade said:
Loved the old Terminal, still like the new one.

Ah shoot, wish I could change my answer. New Terminal is quite enjoyable, might even beat Castle in my mind.

(Da_Mummy) #17

First map ever played and it just feels like a crossover of mercanary playground and post apocalyptic London. Might not be grately balanced for most people but still fun with almost all mercs. (Plus no Arty-Partys in comp here so suck it you airstrike stackers)

(kopyright) #18

Trainyard for me - no merc feels unnecessary on it, and most objectives have two or more routes to access them.

Underground and Bridge are close second.

(boerhae) #19

I voted Vault, but it’s a tie between that and Trainyard. (Edit: How did I forget Dockyard? Those are the big three.)

People don’t seem to like Vault, and I don’t get it. I think first and last objectives are awesome. Mid is meh, but can still be fun. Am I missing something?

And also people love Underground, I don’t understand why, it’s my least favorite, I can’t stand it

Oh well rip me