Where to find the latest q3map2 source code?

(Captaintoottoot) #1

Where can a guy find the latest version of q3map2’s source code?
Is there anything newer than a 2004 / 2.5 version? I noticed with GTKRadiant 1.6.3 the Q3map2.exe is twice the size of the version that comes with GTKradiant 1.5. Is that source available.

(Mateos) #2

Well, each Radiant fork seems to come with a different Q3Map2, and I posted a thread to ask which one to choose in the Editing Wolf:ET section if I’m not wrong… Dunno (yet).

(Nail) #3


edit: this might be easier

(Captaintoottoot) #4

http://q3map2.robotrenegade.com/down...ies/win32_x86/ is a link to the compiled exes of q3map2, not the source code. From going through q3map2’s site, I could never find a link to the source code versions.

(W0lfMan) #5

It’s in the latest version of GTKRadiant, buried in the tools/quake3 directory.

Check Github: https://github.com/TTimo/GtkRadiant/tree/master/tools/quake3