Where are ranked games?

(Ozikary) #1

Hello, i’m back after few months, and i’m surprised dont found Ranked games.
Are they disabled until the next season ? (When is the new season)
Or ranked are just deleted ?

(Press E) #2

They decided to get rid of it. Ranked wasn’t going how SD wanted it to apparently. Not enough people playing, highly unbalanced matches, leavers, cheaters, etc.

There’s a lot of other steps they could have taken imo, but that’s just their reasoning.

(hawkeyeguy99) #3

I do think it is a feature that I would enjoy having it back once they fix the matchmaking algorithm. It was pretty fun when I got lucky and had a reasonably balanced match. But I didn’t like the long que times and every time you clicked “find match” it was a gamble over whether or not you would get the stacked team. Your season level meant almost nothing.

(Press E) #4

They just needed to ditch ELO really. Base wins and losses off personal performance instead so you don’t get dragged down by leavers and boosted by premades. At least in that way it wouldn’t be so frustrating, deranking because of a clueless teammate even when you played godly.

Not sure why they didn’t at least try it instead of deleting it with almost no notice.

(bgyoshi) #5

They’re deleting it so as not to put off new players from it. I imagine they’ll draw in new players with 1.0, then release new Ranked a few months later.

(Armuh) #6

Ranked is gone as people have said but faceit integration is coming soon so you can get your competitive fill in there :smiley: