When new merk?

(Pedobear) #1

When come the new merk?
Turtle correct? Pls I need one more merk I don’t want to buy aimee

(Jostabeere) #2

It’s merc.
And we have no info. Therefor: When it’s done.

(Thai-San) #3

I think everyone here wants to know the answer to that question…

(GatoCommodore) #4

you mean new merk when?
i was also asking myself the same thing.

(Melinder) #5

When they don’t know how to spoken, merkenaries getting to their heads.

(MilkyBear) #6

Early this year i jokingly said that Turtle might release by 2017, now, well shit.

(TheStrangerous) #7

When it’s done.

(Eox) #8