When I put the map name on the console it doesn't work

(Comida Japonesa) #1

Could someone help me please, I made a test map, put it in the folder called maps, put it in pk3, opened wolfet, typed in the mapadeteste33 console (just like the bsp file) and even then it didn’t work, could someone help me with this problem please?

(Dynasty-ET) #2

Your .bsp file does’nt have to be made into a pk3 for testing purpose. You only need your .bsp file to be in your etmain/maps folder

Then you need to open ET, open the console and type the following commands:

/g_gametype 2
/sv_pure 0
/devmap nameofyoumap

should be able to load your test map.

if not, please post the error message.

(Comida Japonesa) #3

look at the pictures for you to understand what I’m talking about:

even putting the right name on the console it doesn’t work

(Dynasty-ET) #4

thank you for posting the picture.

Like i said in my previous post. Type all of these commands in the console to load your map.

/g_gametype 2
/sv_pure 0
/devmap mapadeteste32

Your last screen shot show that you only type /map mapadeteste32

If you are getting started in mapping, i suggest that you follow these tutorial http://www.pythononline.co.uk/et/tutorial03.htm

It is a very complete guide to get you started.

let me know if you can load your map.

(Comida Japonesa) #5

here another picture:

curious and that before it was working when I put it on the console and it also works when I put it on etmain’s maps but now when I put it on pk3 it doesn’t want to work I don’t know where I am going wrong

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send me a link to download your .pk3 i can look it up.

(Comida Japonesa) #7

mapadeteste32.pk3 (6.1 KB)

(Dynasty-ET) #8

Ok got your file, I cant test it right now, but you only need to create a pk3 file when you want to share you map and when its “ready” to be played. It is one of the last steps in making your map.
For testing purpose you do not have to make a pk3 file.
Just loading the bsp file has per the method I told you is fine.

I suggest you create the initial script of your map following this guide : http://www.pythononline.co.uk/et/tutorial08.htm

(KeMoN) #9

I gave the pk3 you posted above a try and it seems it got corrupted.
Might I ask how you created it? In my experience going via a .rar archive doesn’t work, but a .zip archive does.
So you can try to bundle your maps, scripts and textures folder into mapadeteste32.zip with 7zip for example and then rename that archive to mapadeteste32.pk3.
If that doesn’t help, let us know. I’m sure we can still help you.

(Comida Japonesa) #10

thank you that was it, i always have to use the zip instead of rar