When can I change a profile pic on my profile?

(TheManBehindTheMaskisch) #1

Is there a req?

(Your worst knifemare.) #2

25 reputation points are needed.
You get them by others reactions to posts you make.

(Wulie) #3

I liked you for free. So you can soon change your pic. Do you want to do me a favor? Like me. So I can change my pic soon :grin:

(FLLaguna) #4

Thanks for the info.

(henki000) #5

Why does this forum bully newcomers? Agitating reaction bait posts and forming hierarchy. This is why I think “Dont be a D*ck” motto is just sarcasm.

(Shenaynays) #6


d…did you just pull of a like for like, not on instagram :open_mouth:

(BooryDarthNader) #7

It’s kinda weird to only allow new users to only change pfp at 25 points. You’ll be fine though as the system is glitched I think as I see a lot of people have more points than what was supposed to be.