What would you prefer to see for Gen 3 cards

(watsyurdeal) #1

Pretty basic question, if you had to pick one, which would you prefer to see for Gen 3 cards

(watsyurdeal) #2

I meant to add more options, @eox is there any way move to archive this?

(TitaniumRapture) #3

vassili with water gun, aimee with rubber darts and aura with nuke.

(everlovestruck) #4

Maybe use Strawpoll to allow mutliple options?

(Freezer_Boss) #5

I would like to see the shar-c on stoker and the axe on proxy personnally

(blufflord) #6

I can’t choose one because I WANT THEM ALL!!!1

(MarsRover) #7

All the things. Vas with Grandeur is on my secret wishlist since Redeye was released.

(neverplayseriou) #8

No gen 3 cards

(TheStrangerous) #9

Give Phantom some knives cards (about time he stop playing a superhero).
And give Bushwacker axe instead of cricket bat, cause… reasons…

! YIPPIE KA-YAY! FoF Cowboy Hatchet Scrub revived!

(hoyes) #10

I wanna see the burst rifles on fragger and thunder replaced by the latters lmg, and then the lmg’s can be buffed a tad. This would prevent issues as we have now where Thunder has too much killing potential without the conc due to the combination of his hp and how OP the stark is.

(Reddeadcap) #11


Give the Shar-c to Sky and Stoker, Grandiur to Arty and Kira.

Give SMGs and Shotguns that some mercs are lacking to them. (Ahunld 12 to Aura and Proxy, SMG-9 to Phantom, etc.)

Give the Axe, Katana and Kuhkri to older mercs.

Better augment combinations and update crappy augments.

More: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Cobalt colors.

(Wintergreen) #12

All of the above, really. I would most like to see more augment variety and balance. At this point in the game we can make pretty much any loadout viable, sure, but I desperately want more options on Nader and Stoker. None of their cards really stand out to me despite being my 2 favorite mercs. I’d like to see Skyhammer’s changed a bit too.

Also, hi @watsyurdeal. Matched with you yesterday on Chapel. You, sir, are a god with Aimee.

(Flacke1) #13

redeye with a katana, arty/kira with shar-c and turtle with burst rifle

(SnakekillerX) #14

While it would be neat to have mercs with different weapons than normal I feel like it might case some balance issues as well.

(Gire) #15

Plz no more Katanas to more mercs. I would have wanted to keep it Phantm only.
But then SD had to give it to Kira and let us see Kira outperform Phantom with his own iconic weapon.


I actually like the current weapon selection for most mercs. I like knowing exactly what a merc is capable of, and what I can expect when I see someone playing them.
Of course there are a few weapons I could see switched out, but I hope they don’t make any major changes to the weapon selection. I’d rather see them balance cards so getting a “bad card” in special edition isn’t really as bad.

(Mr-Penguin) #17

All of them. Newer weapons and more variety across mercs, maybe new augments as well. I’d also love to see new camo patterns for Bronze and higher rarities, as well as an option to craft “stock” cards that have augments on them.

(l2c) #18

All of the above.

(MarsRover) #19

Most of all I would like a way to transform gen1/gen2 cards into gen3.

Oh, and maybe include all 3 skins in Lead/Iron/Bronze rarities. Seriously, Lead and Iron skins are such a waste because they are missing augments.

(Sorotia) #20

@l2c said:
All of the above.

I have to agree…if I have to choose one I’m honestly not sure which.