What merc to buy

(ronrup) #1

I’m trying to decide which merc to buy. I like Proxy but she get killed too easy plus i don’t like the shotgun. what is the best merc to buy?

(kittz0r) #2

get the Hochfir Proxy if you don’t like the Shotguns, low HP Pool makes Her vulnerable.
I assume you want to stay with Engineer? If yes, all Engineers are more or less good.
Fletcher, pretty much best Engineer and Insane with Damage if you get used to the Stickies.

Bushwacker, good on Defense if you can find Spots for the Turrets to give you Information, can be done on Attack too to avoid being surprised by Flanks.

Turtle, also very efficient as Engineer, his Shield can be annoying to play against if in the right Spots.

Fletcher takes time to learn, Bush and Turtle are easier.


Mercs in General (My Opinion)

Nader, Sawbonez,Fragger,Stoker,Fletcher,Turtle,Arty

These are my recommended Mercs for new Players to tryout and Buy.

(yuri0r) #3

all the mercs are pretty good just test the 3 in free rotation, most of the time at the end of the week youl have saved up enough credits to buy your favorite.

(Bluesquid0630) #4

Check out the merc rotation this week. I recommend Sparks for being a very versatile medic but she requires lots of practice. Bushwhacker is a strong pick arm but stay away from vasilli. Hope this helps

(ThinkItsClose) #5

Very opinion oriented question. Depends what you like to play. For killing power i would recommend Fragger, just remember to cook the nades. For medic i would recommend phoenix, sparks and Sawbonez have high skill caps. For a engineer Bushwhacker is great. In the fire support category i would pick Skyhammer or arty and finally in recon i would pick Aimee, easy and fun to use also has access to both bolt action and semi-auto guns.
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(ItsOro) #6

In my opinion it’s down to how you feel most comfortable play style if your looking for a medic roll I would recommend Phoenix cuz damn he his self revive is a massive game changer during those intense fights. If your looking for a defensive play style Bushwaker is pretty good if you know how to place down the turrets at the right spot which makes your team easier to lock down the opposite team. But at the end of the day its down on how you play.