What is your download/upload speed?

(BerylRdm) #1

I was discussing this matter with my friends, and I would like to make a quick survey about internet speed. If you could post your dowload/upload speed, country you’re living and how much you need to pay for that speed (in euro/dollars), we can compare where connection is statistically the fastest and where is the cheapest for 1mb/s.

Let’s start with me:

Download: 120 mb/s,
Upload: 12mb/s,
Country: Poland,
Cost: ~16 euro/month (70 PLN).

(Herr_Hanz) #2

Download: 2.5 mb/s, (around 3 on a good day)
Upload: 0.5mb/s, (0.6 on a good day)
Country: The Netherlands.
Cost: Parents.

i live on a farm, in one of the more rural provinces (drenthe).

(BlackboltLW) #3

On my boarding house (I’m currently in an university outside my hometown)

Download : 0.9-2.0Mb/s
Upload : 0.3-0.5Mb/s
Location : Bandung, West Java. Indonesia
Cost : Unknown since it’s paid by collective cost included on the rent

In my parents house (my hometown), although it’s VERY SLOW because we’re using older ISP package

Download : 60-90Kb/s
Upload : 5-15Kb/s
Location : Bogor, West Java. Indonesia
Cost : IDR 200k per month (around 20 USD or higher)

(Dr_Plantboss) #4

Download: [center]72MB/s[/center]
Upload: [center]14 MB/s[/center]
Location: [center]Around NYC[/center]
Cost: [center]Bandwidth sucking roommate / Parents[/center]

(BananaSlug) #5

around 200KB/s (which was supposed to be 2MB/s)
70KB/s (which was supposed to be 1,5MB/s)
80 (jumps to 200+ if someone refreshes website)
parents (i dont know :confused: )

company basically keeps saying some bullshit that they are aware of the issue bla bla bla
Plus if you wonder, you probably know them

(BerylRdm) #6

If you guys could ask your parents about costs I would be grateful! :slight_smile:

@BananaSlug Yes, I think I know what company it is :slight_smile:

(Eox) #7


This is wierd, because I can’t download more than 230kb/s.

(onLooSe) #8

Download: 33.70 Mb/s
Upload: 33.84 Mb/s
Country: Bulgaria
Cost: 10 EU/month (20 Bulgarian Levs)

(pumpkinmeerkat) #9

(DarkMatterMatt) #10

Cost: 95NZD (68 USD, 61EUR) per month (includes homeline)
Data Cap: Unlimited, no restrictions (e.g. can P2P as much as you like)

Also, you can’t really compare price per MB/s without knowing the data caps, everyone would need to have similar caps to compare it properly. Or does everyone else not in NZ have unlimited usage?

(bontsa) #11

Take my entry as a grain of salt in case you want some proper statistics @Beryl , as the form I pay for my connection is that I pay set amount for water/electricity/internet connection all in one. It’s also the local Uni maintaining it instead of any commercial service provider so… Well, if you’re interested what UAS student gets around these parts, here ya’ll go.

Download: 94,88mb/s
Upload: 98,71mb/s
Country: Finland
Cost: 17€ for the entire set mentioned above. Counting how much of it is the connection upkeep costs and all that is not as simple as dividing it by 3 since its non-commercial and so forth.

PS. Easy livin’? One’s eligible for these only as long as they’re a student in local vocational school/upper-secondary/Uni/UAS and use the student housing. Checked some commercial “up-to” 100mb/s fiber connections around and they start from 19€/month or so.

(tzurlea) #12


3 unlimited phone plans, cable, landline and internet, all for around 30E pe month.

(MarsRover) #13


59 PLN (~15USD, ~13EUR)
Downloading all those open betas and test weekends is quite easy an convenient :slight_smile:

(BerylRdm) #14

@MarsRover so you’re from Poland too? Didn’t know. Also - Kraków. Studied and lived there for 5 years, and I plan to come back some day :slight_smile:

(MarsRover) #15

@Beryl - yep, in Kraków since 2005. Studied there and now working there :slight_smile:

(knightenchanter) #16

download: 3.05 mb/s
upload: 0.6 mb/s
country: philippines
cost: ~21usd

(BerylRdm) #17


This is wierd, because I can’t download more than 230kb/s.

Your download connection speed is 1,86Mb/s, meaning it’s 1,86 megaBITS per second.
While when you’re downloading, it shows you how many BYTES (MB not Mb) per second you download. One byte = 8 bits.
1860 / 8 = 232,5.
So, I guess, everything is alright :slight_smile:

(BrazenXXGold) #18

120 kbs download
20 kbs upload
Yeah kinda sucks i know

(CyberVonCyberus) #19

104 kb/s downald
unkown upload
2050 algerian dinars ( 1 euro=about 190 dinars)
its utter crap yet its the best availble to purchase

(hoyes) #20

700KB/s download or about 6mb
100KB/s upload or 0.8mb
£21 per month including line rental which is ~£17