What is Troll ?

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what you guys mean by troll ?

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Answer in your own words , mate even i can search on internet .

(Ptiloui) #4

A troll is someone who keeps on posting controversial post, who disagrees with everyone for the sole purpose of disagreeing or keeps on pretending to not understand what multiple people explained to him the clearest way possible.

That’s why we have now the expression “Do not feed the troll” : no matter what you’ll say to one, he’ll keep on posting the same thing, derailing thread on a never ending and sterile discussion, so it’s often better to not answer to them.

(henki000) #5

Troll is a person who enjoys to harass people in internet. It is related to sadistic personality disorder. Its a remain from hunter-gatherer era when you had to harden your pack and keep your stem in evolution.