What is the worst game you ever played? (Hard Mode No Steam Greenlight/Direct Games)

(TheManBehindTheMaskisch) #1

For me it has to be Fallout Brotherhood of Steel.

(TheStrangerous) #2

No checkpoints, got stuck multiple times, god awful and really slow health regeneration (YOU HAVE TO SHEATHE YOUR CLAWS!!!), boss fight either cryptic or impossible to beat without cheats…

Worst licenced game I’ve played…

(bgyoshi) #3

That’s tough. Most of these games are games I played for a few hours at most, 15 - 20 years ago. I’d barely remember them, and the ones I do remember are probably just the ones everyone knows. Hmmm…


Ironically, my siblings and I had a ton of fun with this. It’s an objectively shit game though. Terrible animation, controls, visuals, design… everything sucks. But you know, we found a cheat code to unlock the debug menu which let us give infinite health and…man… We would slaughter everyone in Mos Eisley, and take turns seeing who could do it the fastest. But movie licensed games are too easy to poke fun at.


After hearing rave reviews for this series, I bought (at the time) all three games, used, for like… $15 total. I heard the first game was the weakest of the three but worth it, so I gave it a shot.

I think I lasted about 3 hours before I just gave up. It was so boring and unfocused that I just couldn’t handle it and, unfortunately, I never tried the other two games because of it.

But even then, that’s a big name game from a big name company. Let’s go deeper… more obscure…


I bought this game on a whim when the closet furry inside me just forced it’s way out and commanded me to spend money. Jesus christ…

For the record, it’s a brawler/shooter that’s a clear rip off of games like Ratchet and Clank. Well I mean… just Ratchet and Clank. It’s that game. But it’s… fucking HARD. Or I remember it being so. I didn’t get terribly far honestly because I didn’t play it for too long. The controls were mostly fine, the game looks… cheap, but on par with what you can expect from a no-name developer with a moderately known publisher, but that’s not the best part.

The game itself was just stuffed full of hot furries as main characters with rather casual sexual suggestiveness between Ruff and his cohort Cecily at the start. The main character himself is the standard smooth-talking one-liner heroine with the stereotypical sexy coworker. You even get to transform into a werewolf all throughout the game, oh boy! There’s big breasted slave robots in strappy outfits too… and what better to do when you defeat the villian than sneak off to a quiet, lonely planet with your lady friend?

And as with most low budget games, the first few bits are relatively well done, but it breaks down over time. The lip syncing is atrocious at best, the writing is…well, bad, and the animation… while the in game stuff is mostly fine, the cutscene animation is just… not fine. The voice acting is nothing to write home about. The bosses are all fought using the same bland timed-click mechanic that’s uber frustrating, and the last level is a long grind that forces you to kill every enemy before you can face the boss.

It’s almost like they took all the elements of popular games and just smashed them together with no regard for how or why they work. They just… did it. Because money. And furries.

By all means, it doesn’t match up with the gods like Cheetahmen, but for a fully completed game with some semblance of construction, some attempt at success, a beginning and end, and a game that isn’t rife with coding errors, it’s the worst I can remember playing.

(henki000) #4

I cry everytime I see this: