What is going on with xp in ranked? Can someone explain it.

(Chronicler) #1

I was told by some people that xp in ranked was “fixed” meaning you get the xp you get at the end of the game.


So I started the game 356k to next level, I made 16k+ xp in the game itself, and after the game when I checked, I had 350k to next level. Is there something I am missing here?

(averagerussian) #2

No you still don’t get all of it. You don’t even get half of what you should. I don’t even play ranked anymore because I’ll be stuck at the same level. Yes i care about levels.

(Chronicler) #3

I don’t care about levels, but I care about the cases you get every time you level lol.

(Chris Mullins) #4

We’ve got it planned that this bug will be fixed in the update following on from Dockyards release.

(spookify) #5

That is amazing news!!

On the topic of XP do you think XP can be doubled for ranked to make up for the times in que? The only reason I say this is because I have leveled up 3 times during ranked S2… If I was pubbing I would have leveled up 12 times if not more. In a nut shell I miss arsenal cases! :wink: