What happened to the Tech Support Zendesk webpage

(Jl001) #1

I can no longer raise a Ticket on zendesk…

(Mc1412013) #2

They already anounced they shut it down. Since they alegedly stoped eveleopment(except that one person hiding in broom closet working on it) they wont be fixing any issues. They left it up to the comunity to try and help.

At this point either google or posting your issue on this forum will be your options.

(K1X455) #4

The unknown error in game got the most of help desk.

They can’t fix it.


@Moobabe announced last week that we would be closing Dirty Bomb’s Zendesk. If you have any questions you need answering, we have opened a Community Support area on the forums.

You’d be surprised just how many tickets we’d receive via Zendesk that were “How do I something?” questions and how many times we’d answer the same sort of questions from different people. Hopefully, with the new Community Support area, a question can be asked and answered, whilst benefitting many people.

Think “StackOverflow”, except that it’s for Dirty Bomb.