What happened to the asian servers?

(MutterSchwein) #1

I’ve been playing DB on and off for some time now and it used to be that there are singaporean servers where the ping is just 70-100 but now they’re all 200 give and take, What the hell happened? Did you move the server locations or something? My internet has been the same before and and I play fine on other online games so the problem can’t be on my side :confused:

(K1X455) #2

If you’re not local from SG, then chances are the ISPs have changed routing and thus your pings have doubled.

(ultinegs) #3

its was a problem with the cabling being disturbed by fisherman, which im hoping is the same reason again :S

(geekybaking) #4

Hi there,

Could you send us a ticket to https://dirtybombsupport.zendesk.com/ with the following information please?

  • Download this tool: http://winmtr.net/
  • Use the ip address 63.251.124 to determine connection flow.
  • Use pastebin.com and paste the information you have gathered during those times and send it to us.
  • Provide us with your ISP

Thank you!