What can i do for this game...plz look at this

(kimmoes) #1

I am a Korean.
I am not good at English but I leave a message here.
I am a 500 hour user of Dirty Bomb and I am a person who cares about this game.
I recently found a Aimbot(Hack) program video while I was looking on YouTube for a video about Dirty Bomb.
I want users to increase and I want to report it to the official Dirtibomb discord channel, so I posted it on #media with the video.
But the only answer coming back was the bot that fed me Ban.
It may be because I didn’t read the channel rules properly, but I leave a video link and a message here because I have a love for the game.

In addition, I feel that a level control system is necessary for dirty bomb.

(Kirays) #2

Good day.

The problem with publicly showcasing cheats/hacks and anything else that’s prohibited is that you help spreading it. I know that’s not your intention in the slightest, you only want to help out (and that’s a good attitude, keep it up!) but unfortunately that’s what happens when you report it in public.

Instead, send it directly to Easy Anti Cheat via this link here: https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/dirtybomb/contact/report/

That’s why you were banned on the Discord server: We automatically assumed you just wanted to spread it. You’ll likely get unbanned, I’ll discuss with the others.

Thank you.