What are yours favorite movies?

(TheManBehindTheMaskisch) #1

Mine favorites are: Monty Python movies, Logan, Pulp Ficton, Samurai Cop, The Room, The Disaster Artist, Iron Man,~~ Rocky 4~~, Cap. America: Winter Solider,…

(TheStrangerous) #2

Oh boy, too much to count.
Best to divide it by genres.

Superhero: Spiderman 2
I had a perfect balance between realistic slice of life and Sam Raimi’s campyness. Heck, as an adult I found me-self heavily relatable to that Peter Parker, due to real life hardsmanship.

It’s wasn’t too dark and gritty like 2012 series, nor too goofy like Homecoming. Heck, Homecoming doesn’t feel like Spiderman movie, but yet another Avengers movie. And it hurts me as an completionist, to be missing out on something, cause I didn’t bother watching other MCU movies…

Western: Django Unchained
It’s a mix of Spaghetti Western and Quentin Tarantino styles!
A DREAM COMBINATION! Lots of memorable scenes and quotes and King Shultz steals the show!

Animation: Oh boy it’s gonna be a tie, between Shrek 2, Tangled and Rango.
Shrek is a middle finger to classic Disney tropes, Tangled is a laid back princess movie and Rango is a great animated western with gritty style.

Horror? I ain’t fan of that Genre, but I love Evil Dead franchise ('cept 1, didn’t like that movie…) But if it’s the pure Horror, then “The Thing” is enough for me.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #3

Back to the Future
The Car
The Matrix
The Godfather
The Mummy(1999)

(henki000) #4

Ran, Star Wars, The Prestige, The Hateful Eight, Doctor Zhivago…

(Chilled Sanity) #5

John Wick 1 and 2

No one touches my pet.

(GatoCommodore) #6

Starship Trooper

Full Metal Jacket

Blade Runner Series

(martha_smith) #7



scare campaign

and a lot more