What are your thoughts on the current classes in Dirty Bomb?

(watsyurdeal) #1

So, what do you think of the Assault, Support, Medic, Engineer, and Recon tiers?

Do you think the abilities and roles are appropriately set up? Do you think they could be condensed into a smaller number? Do you think certain aspects of certain classes could mix together? Like Assault and Support or Recon and Medic?

Just trying to get a general feel for things, again, for inspiration if you’ve been paying attention to these kind of threads lately.

(Sir_Slam) #2

Having dedicated “classes” like this always feels…whats the word. Needless? I feel like its just there for shits and giggles.

(SteelMailbox) #3

Someone here is developing a game eh

(watsyurdeal) #4

Unfortunately only ideas

I don’t have the resources to make a game right now, most I could do is code and use super simple assets and texture less maps.

(CCP115) #5

If you go classes, then you gotta go all in or nothing.

You either pull a Battlefield with really loose labels, or you pull a TF2 with strict class system.

Anywhere in between is kinda dumb, awkward, and unnecessary. Personally, I’d avoid classes, unless you have VERY defined, roles, and few “classes”.

(SiegeFace) #6

It’s staring you right in the face but nobody seems to have figured it out yet.

People don’t understand the roles, Sawbonez on last rotation was a nightmare and Phoenix to me has become a joke, everytime i see him in game, I think “not gonna revive”. Although people are slowly learning… and even surprising me.

(Hibbsan) #7

i guess it’s fine. Feels like a outdated way though. i don’t really see the point in putting all the characters in some sort of tier. Just make new and fun characters, people will figure out how to play them without putting labels on them.