Welcome & Quick Start Guide

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Welcome to the Splash Damage community! Before you get posting, please take a few moments to review the forum rules.

Splendid. Now that you’re up to speed, why not make your first post in this forum and introduce yourself to other forum-goers? Tell us who you are and what you do, and let us know what you enjoy doing in your spare time.

If you’re new to the world of forums and a bit overwhelmed by the various features on offer, here is a little introduction. We’ll be expanding this section over time with more cool things you can do!


Customizing Your Avatar
To create an avatar simply click on the User CP’ button located on the forum menu bar in the top left of the page. Then, under ‘Settings & Options’ on the left, select ‘Edit Avatar.’ There are several ways to choose an avatar picture:

[li]Input a URL to the desired image[/li][li]Upload an image from your computer[/li][li]Choose from a selection of preset avatars we’ve made for you[/li][/ul]

Adding a Signature
Signatures appear on all your posts and can contain a variety of things, such as a link to your personal homepage, your favorite quote, or a small image you like.

To create a signature, click on the User CP button located on the forum menu bar in the top left of the page. Then, under ‘Settings & Options’ on the left, click ‘Edit Signature’. This will bring up the signature edit box and another box for adding images to your signature. If you want to have an image in your signature, please make sure that you it’s not too large - think how unsightly it might be for other members.

Joining the Xbox Live Community Leaderboard
If you own an Xbox 360, why not join our Xbox Live Community Leaderboard and see where you come in compared with members of the Splash Damage team and the rest of our community? Getting on the leaderboard is easy - you can either use the ‘Add Gamertag’ option in the top right corner of the leaderboard, or add your gamertag via the Edit Your Details page in the User CP. This will also display your Xbox Live gamercard in your profile.

This thread barely touches on a fraction of what’s available on our forums, we will be expanding it out further soon.

In the meantime, the Frequently Asked Questions section covers most of the basics and even a few of the advanced features. If you’re still left wondering and confused after reading it and need help with using the forum, feel free to PM me or one of the other moderators.

Happy Posting! :slight_smile: