Weapons System

(DarkBBlack) #1

Hello There,

Why we can’t buy and equip our custom Weapons ?

I personally don’t like the actually system,"you choose a perk and you can’t do anything whit it (just equip cards that changes their weapons and add some skills to the merc)

I think im not the only who complain that system.

Please don’t hate me after that ^^

Keep Doing Well,DirtyBomb Team !!!

(Eox) #2

I guess it’s because some perks in combo with some weapons, or some weapons in combo with other weapon, or some mercs with other weapons would break the balance. Everyone would pick the most efficient combos so diversity between builds wouldn’t be a thing anymore. So devs tried to make loadouts balanced between them and restricted us the possibility to select our own weaponry : we have a loadout card system instead.

I heard that they’ll at one point split weapon loadout from perk loadout… Or maybe I didn’t understood well, and it’s about weapon loadout and in game skin. Anyway, better stay tuned about what’s incoming. :stuck_out_tongue:

(DarkBBlack) #3

If the store have only Cards case,i think that more case will be added on the future.
Because its so anormaly that we have a store whit only a item.
I think we will have like a “Weapons Case” or something like that ^^

(lapislazuliPark) #4

http://snag.gy/xfMwC.jpg check this. it implies weapon cards are coming (this is from GDC this year) of course it could all change based on our guys feedback.

also yeh cases could be improved (i have a post on this in new players, because i’m a derp and forget i was in new players forum)