Weapon skins are just a flop

(HadronZodiac) #1

As we all know, weapon cases arent worth it. Nothing new here. The sad thing is however, it had potential, but like usual, the devs got greedy.

First, the rarities are just shitty, and the wear rarites are even worse. More than 75% for a bronze, and basically a half chance of a wear that makes you want to vomit your organs out.

Some changes that are needed, are to of course fix some rarities so people don’t just but a key for when they’re bored, but to actually have hope of getting a decent skin.

It should be (imo)

65% Bronze
20% Silver
12.5% Gold
2.5% Cobalt

And wears should be

15% Scarred
22.5% Worn
25% Standard
22.5% Refined
15% Pristine

I get SD is trying to make weapon skins “exclusive”, but most aren’t quality enough to spend any real money or time. Id be fine if chances were slightly improved with credit keys, and even more improved with money keys. It makes sense, and SD will actually make good profit (as they usually make good stuff and overcharge, or give normal charge but for shitty stuff)

(Meetrock) #2

You can get anything in DB for free now. Entirely free.

(HadronZodiac) #3

Thats because some things are so low quality no one bothers to spend money on them

Id be fine if people payed for keys that gave them improved chances


I’ve mentioned this in its own thread but it’s relevant here.
Weapon skin wear really shouldn’t be a thing. Without a way to improve it, all it does is serve as another way to disappoint people without actually adding anything to the game.

I get some people like the look of damaged skins, I do too sometimes, but in that case they should be given their own separate skin, rather than applied to all the others.

Increasing the droprate wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Bought unlocked cases, ones that you can only get with rads, already have slightly better droprates than normal weapon cases. Why not bump it up even more to give us an actual reason to spend money on them?