Weapon damage lower on premium loadouts?

(MaesTro) #1

So (not) a funny thing is happening and i’m not getting why this is happening.

After this update, we can see the stats for each gun, wich is great, but because of this, i see that my weapons in base cards, have more damage and more accuracy then my silver and gold cards! How can this be?

My arty merc has a gold card with Dreiss ar with Damage not going further than the “Dam” and accuracy not going further the “A” (it gets one the beginning of the “c” but by a little amount). The default loadout has damage up to “Damage” and accuracy up to “Ac” (also get in the beginning of the second “c” but by little amount).

Thoughts? I’m the only one with this?

(einstyle) #2

that’s cause the default loadout doesn’t have any perks and so it “stretches” out the weapon stats bars
relatively spoken, they’re still the same, the default stats pic is just in a bigger scale

(MaesTro) #3

haaaa ok thanks!