We need a way to tell how far the EV has to be pushed when joining mid-game

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Like the title says. We joined a SW match mid-game on Bridge yesterday. They managed to push and repair the EV, so some of us fell back to protect the generator room only to find out that the EV didn’t even have to reach the barrier to count as a win. If we had known this from the start we would have adapted our playstyle accordingly.

Since the position the EV has to reach is known, could we get an objective marker at that position?

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Great idea!

(Exavidos) #3

There is an objective marker on how far the EV has to be pushed to win/lose a match or has that feature been removed or is it not working if you join mid-game?

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I am pretty sure I haven’t seen that marker before, so it either has been removed or isn’t that prominently displayed. :wink: Since I wasn’t the only one surprised by the sudden end of that match’s second half I suppose the former, though.

(Exavidos) #5

Just realized that I mixed it up. If you defend first and have to attack second you will see a marker (EV Target) how far you have to push the EV to win. But there is no marker if you defend second to see when you will lose. The def should add it as well.

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im pretty sure there is a marker for both teams : ‘ev target’

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I think it’s a bit inconsistent - I can’t verify this right now but it seemed like the marker only appeared if you didn’t join a match halfway. I will keep my eyes open on this issue once I grow tired of getting stomped in Titanfall 2.

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There already is one. But it’s not as good as the one in Overwatch. I’m not sure why they don’t just do something similar in DB instead of the hard to see shape

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OP is spot on-- this should be an easy fix for the devs!

(Shenaynays) #10

erm, On my client i always have a ev marker on the game. its a big yellow hexagonal sign labelled objective, similar to the drug samples you have to deliver on bridge. Am i crazy? should i have not have that

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Well, there have been a couple of patches since the original thread start 20 months ago so chances are it got fixed at some point. :wink: