Wat does this mean

(Smilie) #1

0 seconds to create collision map
no entities in map that use aas48

no entities in map that use aas96

no entities in map that use aas_guardian

no entities in map that use aas_mancubus

no entities in map that use aas_sabaoth

no entities in map that use aas_cyberdemon

I ddi a compile of my first map and this appeared what is it

([DS]Method) #2

You can ignore it, the console prints that everytime. Basicly, what it says is that your map doesn’t have particular or any monsters which use any of the aas files, which are used for AI navigation. It also means that you successfully compiled your map.


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ah I see thx :drink:

([DS]Method) #4

Glad I could help. Also when you compile a map, console prints a few warning messages, which you can also ignore, unless they cause some kind of problem in your map.


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