Wargaming and Splash Damage team up for brand-new projects

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[QUOTE=eitsch0r;566377]Hi Marbles,

There is a : in your URL which makes it point to some 404. Maybe you might want to change that. Or leave it in … if that presents a challenge to a prospect, then you do not want that person anyways :smiley:

I am a bit irritated by the Trademark-Display in Dirtybomb Splashscreen shown below … does that mean that Wargaming now owns the rights to DB as ET:QW is owned by Bethesda? The Pressmumbojumbo only mentions superexciting new projects as target for collaboration, how about DB?


Where did you get that link from? Everything seems to be working fine on our end. Also WarChest (I assume that’s what you’re referring to) is and always has been a Splash Damage entity. Wargaming are not involved with Dirty Bomb.

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[QUOTE=light_sh4v0r;566392]Wargaming != Warchest
Warchest is a Splash Damage thing.[/QUOTE]Hi, dear illuminated hairremover. That’s it. Good catch! I feel slightly embarassed now.:penguin:

[QUOTE=DarkangelUK;566401]As light_sh4v0r said you’re confused, WarChest isn’t Wargaming.[/QUOTE]Thankfully so, indeed!
Hi Darkangel, i was probably so agitated by the fear of change of trademark ownership that my brain tricked me into misreading :frowning:

Hi shoe. … you found the typo, didn’t you. :wink: Most important for me was that the ownership of DB trademarks does not change/is sold to a publisher. In that sense i am really relieved to hear that Wargaming is not involved with DB.

Although they surely might have some interesting brainstorming ideas concerning possible strategies to capture the playerbases attention-span when competing with other sources of excitement. (think: events or rewards for playing DB instead of a competitors timesink … or similar stuff)

In more general terms, it is easy for me to see the hopefully prosperous teamwork leading to a more safe and stabilized future for SD as a company. It probably will also make planning easier and put higher developer potential in reach? We will see … :slight_smile:

Good luck to all of ya!

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lol,thanks for the new sig :wink:

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Hmm, I hopefully it won’t be a repeat of Bethesda.

Would be cool if the deal lets you keep the IP.

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Would be cool if the deal lets you keep the IP.

It is rather rethorical question :slight_smile:

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When are we getting a hint of what’s coming out due to this collaboration? :smiley:

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the link doesn’t currently work

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