Warchest data collection. Would love a official answer to this.

(mncl) #1

Booting up dirty bomb I was prompted to acccept data collection.

Whats this about?

Obviously the things written in the description of what is collected is RUBBISH and is already beeing recorded.

What I buy from the store? REALLY?
What games I win or lose? NO ****?

Ticking the box here is obviously hiding something much more arcane.

What data are you actually going to collect?


It’s all in here:

You can also request to download all the information they have collected about you from here:

(mncl) #3

So if I opt out this data will not be collected?

My store purchaces?

My won games?

This is why I am confused.
Buying the game and playing it or buying things? Can I really opt out of it? And what hapens if I do?

It makes no sense to ask permission to do that?


It makes no sense to ask permission to do that?[/QUOTE]

They have to comply with the laws. They are forced to ask.


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A big part of game development is collecting data on how users interact in the game; this is what allows the developers to make decisions like the attackers routes out of the spawn which were changed recently on Underground.

Certainly you should be careful about what you agree to, but don’t be so paranoid. It’'s only a game.