Wallpaper Contest Winners Thread!

(MissMurder) #1



Tied in 3rd


Honorable Mentions:




http://imgur.com/PgXYYHu (broken image for some reason http://imgur.com/PgXYYHu)

(SereneFlight) #2

Aaaww… I would have liked to get disappointed before I go to sleep (even tho I don’t really have any hopes or expectations and I just drank shitloads of coffee so who knows…)

(Torch189) #3

Wohooooooooo! Can’t wait! xD :smiley:

(Forsaken) #4

I thought mine would atleast gotten an honorable mention… ah well

([ F² ! MADCAP ]) #5

yo, awesome

(Shinywindow) #6

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh I’m so honored!!!

This was such a nice and accessible contest for everyone to participate! Congratulations to the winners and I’m so happy for all the folk who joined! Thank you to everyone who liked my wallpaper and thank you to the dev team for uploading the fansite kit and choosing my wallpaper and just aggghhhhhh pinch my butt cheeks

(LCTR) #7

Congrats to all the people that won :slight_smile:

(Torch189) #8

@Shinywindow Well yeah, u know I actually don’t think that your wallpaper is good :/… I think that it’s AWESOME!!! Congrats! :smiley: [left][/left] Also gz to other winners

(Faraleth) #9

Grats to all the winners! They are all fantastic! ^.^

(Jesse) #10

Congratulations all winners! You guys really deserved it! :grin:

(spiralTackle) #11

Congratulations all winners.

(Trickster) #12

I won’t say I’m not a little disappointed, but congratulations to the winners :slight_smile:

(LDNGraphics) #13

Sorry I have been busy and only just noticed this thread, well done to everybody that took part, it was an awesome contest. what happens now?

(Faraleth) #14

@LDNGraphics Well you won second place, so I believe MissMurder will contact you via forum PM for more information from you in regards to shipping your prize, etc. She likely won’t do so until Monday at the earliest though ^.^ So just check your PM’s every now and again for a new message - you will see a notification on the top toolbar of the site if you have received one. :slight_smile:

(LDNGraphics) #15

Okay thanks Faraleth, I missed the stream and only just noticed this thread so I wasn’t sure.

(XavienX) #16

@Shinywindow Have fun with your iPad Air!!! XD

And Congrats to the rest of the winners!

(xxx) #17

Not even a honorable mention - well done winners… now for that uninstall and back to ET.