Wallpaper Contest!! Ends October 28th

(MissMurder) #1


Hello one and all!

We are counting on you guys to submit awesome Dirty Bomb themed Wallpapers in return for a chance to win a lovely iPad Air. Of course there will be prizes for 2nd, 3rd, and even honorable mentions so do try your best! Also we will feature the best ones on our website and social networks (fame!)

Read the full rules here.

Access the Fan-Site Kit Here.

Dates Running:
Now - Oct 28th

Baseline Rules:
-Must be submitted via this forum thread
-No Crossovers (copyright infringement from other properties)
-No nudity or anything inappropriate
-Must be appropriate size (1920 x 1200 or 1600 x 900 etc)
-Must be Dirty Bomb related
-Creativity is encouraged
-MUST be your own work

1st Place - Dirty Bomb Skinned iPad Air, Dont Be A Dick T shirt, 50,000 Credits, 1 Elite A Case and 1 Elite B Case
2nd - 50,000 Credits, 1 Elite A Case and 1 Elite B Case
3rd - 25,000 Credits 1 Elite A Case and 1 Elite B Case
Honorable Mentions -10,000 Credits

I look forward to seeing these! GL HF!

(XavienX) #2


Translation: YUS!!!

(Pikine) #3

submission Here!??

(InfernoKun) #4

Prepare to be illuminated! By our art of course.

(accomplishedPlume) #5

@MissMurder maybe its just me reading it at midnight but the rules of a valid submission seem a bit fuzzy could you give us like a example of a acceptable submission for a steam user? I’d just hate to do 15 hours of work for nothing.

(Terminal_6) #6

I think I’ll let the professional artists handle this one. In the mean time, if anyone wants some mediocre reference images I whipped together a while back, (because every little detail matters) here you go:

(fubar) #7

You can cancel the contest, I found your winner:

(SteelMailbox) #8

Well my idea got rekt by the fact that when I clicked “save as” it saved me the screenshot website…

(HonourBound) #9

can’t wait for the fan site kit :smile: gonna be awesome! :smiley:

(Torch189) #10

Cool contest and awesome prizes!

(Eox) #11

Guys, bring back the Fletcher wallpapers from the Fletcher thread ! :smiley:

(Lissxy) #12


(aSheepamongWolves) #13

Would enter but I have no talent or ideas. Happy for the one who wins. Sad for those who don’t

(SteelMailbox) #14

@Faraleth will win 85% sure.

(Nail) #15

yeah ok that’s great I hate to be so pushy but like my comment earlier in this thread what does someone with a steam account do with the format of their entry because I’m like freaking out to make positively sure that my entry is valid.

so MissMurder please in the name of all that is holy provide an answer so don’t go completely insane. thanks

everyone is on Steam, it’s the only way to play. what is your problem ?

post your pic here

(Torch189) #16

@MissMurder Thank you, very helpful. Now people, let’s do this! #playdirty

(chicHouse) #17

Submitting a Submission - my creation here:)

full image:

(InfernoKun) #18

That’s gonna be very helpful :smiley: Thanks!

(MissMurder) #19

@accomplishedPlume Hi! All you have to do is post your submission to this thread.

(Turokz) #20

don’t know if you already mentioned it… can I add splash damage/nexon logos?