Vote kick while in Spectator

(Melinder) #1

Currently, if a player receives a vote-kick started against them, they can join the spectators and the vote kick won’t go through, regardless if there are enough or more than enough YES votes (i.e 10/8 YES, still won’t be kicked).

This is especially a problem now as the trinket hour farm is on overdrive, and a lot of people are afking in spectator to grind hours.

@MissMurder Can something be done about this?

(RyePanda) #2


Yeah, kicking people in spectate is difficult.

(gg2ez) #3

[center]MissMurder is gone…[/center]

(NightingaleZ0) #4

Yoooo spectating counts as play time? They do not affect games right since they do not take a spot on any teams?

(Szakalot) #5

they absolutely affect teams since they for one team to play with a player less, if the server is full.

(Daergar) #6

Spectating counts as played time? Well, fuck me.

And yes, having spectators take up slots on the server is beyond ridiculous.

(Jostabeere) #7

Spectating doesn’t count as playtime. Like boosters don’t work if you spectate either.

(Ardez1) #8

@NxA_Noxie Sounds like a bug…

(RazielWarmonic) #9

Taking a note of this. Thanks for letting me know!

(Melinder) #10

@[quote=“Jostabeere;131252”]Spectating doesn’t count as playtime. Like boosters don’t work if you spectate either.[/quote]

Friend of mine claims it works from his own testing

RIP Miss Murder?? :frowning:

(Daergar) #11

And now it’s become a rash, unable to kick spectators and they stay there in droves. Well, three of them last match, which isn’t exactly good for a 6v6 server.

Completely idiotic design compounded by the inability to have them kicked. Since we’re unable to code properly, please disable spectate in public servers and problem solved? Please.