Vote kick - Thoughts

(ZaZa) #1

Hi all!

I’ve recently been kicked twice from servers (not dedicated one nor FF one etc, just regular EU West) and for no apparent reason.

I mean, it is quite bad to be honest, being kicked out of a server doing nothing wrong.

I tried to protect/ complete the objective, supported my team-mates, didn’t idle/camp somewhere, yeah just basic playing and just getting kicked, I mean it gets really boring when such situations occurs.

My idea is to have the vote kick completely as an automatic feature (like it is now partly, it notice if you’re not moving at all and warn you in the chatbox before a kick) and of course being an admin on a server, he/ she could use it as a command.

Or perhaps if someone is without moving , then a vote kick could be possible, if the automatic one doesn’t kick you that is, or else it’d say “A vote kick isn’t possible for this player”.

It is not fun when some players abuse it, just for the sake they’re dying and wants to blame others for their lack of something or thinks you’re lame due to your player level and wants you out or simply just to ruin the game.

I don’t see this player vote-kick actually working as it is intended, unfortunately.

(SM83 Power Operative ) #2

Tough luck, some people are dicks. I know it’s annoying to be kicked over nothing, but disabling the ability to call one manually would lead to more problems. Also, inactivity isn’t the only reason to kick someone. Ever seen a moron grab the core and run around at the back of spawn so their team can’t deliver it?

(ThePigVomit) #3

But we’re you playing phantom or redeye?..


I have almost 1,400 hours in this game and I’ve never been kicked randomly. In fact, the only times I have had a vote kick called against me were from calling out toxic people, cheaters, people trying to farm objectives, etc, yet none of them actually passed.
I occasionally see vote kicks called for new players playing vassili or whatever and refusing to switch, but even then it’s rare that it passes. And considering you don’t look like a new player, I’m really not sure why you were kicked. Not like you can see levels anymore anyways. Probably just bad luck, maybe someone has a grudge against you, but that’s definitely not normal.

Either way, not really practical to automate vote kick. After all, it doesn’t only exist to kick afks, it’s also for toxic players and whatnot, which isn’t really possible to gauge with software.

EDIT: Considering vote kick passes are so rare, even on genuinely AFK players, are you sure you’re not just being disconnected? Last I saw it, DB does still show you the vote kick against you as people are voting. So if you randomly got booted to the menu without anything else, it’s probably some other issue and not a vote kick. Just making sure

(Kirays) #5

That sounds like an edge case that shouldn’t repeat itself in a short time frame. Accidents happen but the vote kick option is far too valuable to give up for reasons already stated.

Also, the console tells you who initiated a vote.

(ZaZa) #6
  • Yeah true that too of course, or like if someone intentionally dives into the enemy line over and over causing not needed death or being a cheater, which there is a feature for already, the report button.

Perhaps for instance, in the code, when checking a recorded path you could maybe script into it that if someone is camping with the core or just moving further away from the plantation place in the wrong direction, perhaps in that case a vote kick could be allegeable, just an idea.

  • Nope, Nader merc, own team-mate started obviously the vote too -.-.
  • Yeah the first time being kicked from the server (didn’t find the actual server on the server list later on either in both cases) it was a bit strange, I only saw 2 votes to kick me and while I were asking ‘why’ I were immediately thrown away from the server. :sa:

Yeah, true that, I saw who took the initiative doing the vote.

Perhaps it is good to have there, but if these happens more frequently, I don’t see it is a good feature at all to still have as it is right now, though an automatic kick from being idle is indeed a good thing, as it is currently as well, but hopefully this doesn’t turn into some trend now, to vote kick for no apparent reason, that makes this whole nice gaming experience dull obviously.

(HadronZodiac) #7

you special you -_-

It happens to me and some people i know

One time there was a game where people tried kicking the topping player multiple times

If i hadnt voted against it everytime i doubt he would of stayed