"Vm_create on cgame failed" MAC OSX

(Mor Moshe) #1

I get that error when trying to join most of the servers. 10% of servers are ok but most of them I get that error.
“vm_create on cgame failed”

When I press ` button I see this:

Could not find any solution online… thanks

(KeMoN) #2

With Mac you can only play on servers that provide Mac binaries. Those are Legacy mod, etjump and etrun. As far as I remember no other popular mod provides Mac binaries (although I’m not sure about Nitmod).

You won’t be able to play on servers using different mods. To check which mod is running and to filter servers, you can use et.trackbase.net.

(Mor Moshe) #3

Well it happenes on all servers running etjump as well… I’m seriously looking for at least one server who runs trickjump…

(ryven) #4

We have introduced macos support for etjump only lately, however, it wasn’t officially released yet. To my knowledge there aren’t many servers that support macos yet, but we have a dev server that does https://et.trackbase.net/server/47752. We would be happy to get feedback, you can connect to etjump community through https://discord.com/invite/AcyWMqR.