Video Settings Optimization Tips/FPS Help (Somewhat in-depth)

(RadicalMac) #1

First off, you will want to be in-game by yourself, start by pressing ‘~’ while in-game to open the developer console and then typing the following: “Switchlevel OBJ_Bridge” (or some other console command for some other map)

Second, you will want to have some sort of program that tells you your FPS OR pressing ‘~’ while in-game to open the developer console and then typing the following: ‘Stat FPS’.

Third, you will need to know what settings will lower your FPS and increase your FPS (some people may get a higher FPS on a higher resolution or a lower FPS on a lower resolution, as well as some people may get higher framerate from certain in-game effects all depending on their system, but this will tell you how to fix this all up yourself.) So what you need to do is go through each resolution and aspect ratio seeing which one gets you the best FPS, (though some use 4:3 1280x960 to play better even though it gives lower FPS for FOV purposes) so as you’re going through, watch the FPS counter and move around in the game between each change to see the each rise and fall of the counter.

Fourth, you will want to turn V-Sync off. It may give you a higher FPS, but no matter the system, it will most likely give a slight delay in your video even though it will seem smoother.

Fifth, now for advanced settings, you will need to be in-game on a map i[/i] as the main-menu settings do not contain ALL of the settings that you can change via in-game. Most settings will be set to low, or off, but the only acceptions are for Motion Blur, and for Depth-of-Field (keep the secondary Motion Blur & DoF settings low/off but keep the main ones on depending on how you like that visual aspect of the game) Some systems will show Motion Blur/DoF with a higher framerate when on, so make sure to change those around and keep check of the FPS you get on each setting.

Sixth, SHADOWS! You will most likely want to have Dynamic Shadows/Shadows set to on/medium/high considering it is quite useful when seeing your enemy behind a corner though it produces lower framerate, it still gives off an extra perk of spotting an enemy. Your risk though. If you have a low-end PC, I’d probably consider it in the off position just to be safe.

Seventh, KEEP “ONE FRAME INTERVAL” OFF ! This will increase your FPS, but will decrease input latency. Creating a bit slower reactions (miliseconds, but can still cause problems if you are of the competitive type that needs that split second reation) (Especially keep this off if you have a basic mouse/keyboard with slow input times.)

Lastly, here are some possible launch options you could set for the game (if you don’t know how to get to the launch options, go to your steam library, right click on Dirty Bomb, and click properties. Then in the General tab, you should see “Set Launch Options” [Notice: game will need a restart for commands to take affect.] as well I am not entirely sure each of these will work just yet for DB.)

-cpuCount=# (replace # with the number of cores your processor has.)

-threads # (replace with the # of threads your processor allows.)

(There are some other launch options I’d like to add, but I can’t exactly recommend them as they are mostly used on other games such as Counter-Strike, so if you’d like, refer to this for commands you can test, AT YOUR OWN RISK. )

(misspo) #2

Hi, an error " KEEP “ONE FRAME INTERVAL” OFF" It’s on

(RadicalMac) #3

Then turn it off lol

(misspo) #4

Then turn it off lol[/quote]

Hi, bad idea my friend. When it’s put on “off”, you got less inputlag BUT less fps.
And because your tutorial is all about (that bass) fps… : -)

(RadicalMac) #5

@peridotLava I’d keep it off. It increases input latency making the reaction times for peripherals/etc slower to react in-game but you get higher FPS, I keep it off so I keep the lowest input latency possible.

(misspo) #6

DB inputlag due to One frame interval is barrely noticiable :slight_smile:
And fps is some thing you don’t see that much in this game xD

(RadicalMac) #7

@peridotLava Well this is for people that get low FPS or frame drops. Lol highest settings I still get 200+FPS. Also if you’re a competitive player, that setting can make a difference. If it were in CS:GO. I’d have it off immediately.

(CoffeeHero) #8

I feel like it’s explained pretty well here by a programmer. I’ve come to the conclusion if you play with higher frames having it on is definitely the way to go.

(unmellowBloke) #9

I have and intel 4400 and i know its not made for gaming but it handles every other game i throw at it even black ops 2 but even with the highest fps config out there a minimum fov and a res of 1024x600 (custom res so i can still see but get ok fps) i only get around 30-40.