(KINONEZ21) #1

Is there any old Rad Soldier Player still active? I haven’t logged since the rad bucks disapeared. Got nostalgic anyone up for a final match?

(g00n) #2

Active in wanting to find out if they fixing computer version checking forums. Sadly bored of fighting just computer. Really miss multiplayer :frowning:

(Ben-jamin101) #3

Agreed! Bring back Multiplayer!

(Jerry-Rigs) #4

g00n, development is dead so don’t hold your breath on PC play.

I am actively playing random opponents at all point levels. The level of play mostly sucks even for high level players but I have been surprised by a few very good players. They typically kick my butt because I’m not expecting much and over extend or ignore an “advanced” tactic.

Very few people use chat. I don’t know if it’s a language thing or not.

I am accepting all FR’s and challenges.

(tinker) #5

Hey guys, i did some comebacks too, but over time I got bored by the 90% noobs
I would without doubt start playing again if this game got a reboot, relaunch, Update or a “Rad Soldiers 2” coming - but yet without any further hope

I played some Hearthstone, Space Marshalls (reminds me of the good old Rad Soldiers), Clash of Clans

Got stuck at Clash Royal, Somehow a mix of Hearthstone and more action, the gamedesign-style is IMO a mix of Rad Soldiers and Clash of Clans

If anyone is playing Clash Royal as well
I just started a new Clan with a few friends, anyone is welcome.

heres a link to the forum post http://

or search for the clan #pyrupg9

if you haven’t played it yet, look into it, the game has quite some potential of becoming a big hit

If there is any1 willing to launch another Tournament in Rad Soldiers, I will be there !

maybe some matches in mid-summer, will ask for it then

till then

have a nice day :slight_smile:
with friendly regards

(Mitsid) #6

I play from time to time, not very often, sometimes meet old friends in random matches :slight_smile: still hope that developers will rememember about this great game someday

(SuperNge) #7

Hello all friends,

Miss all you guys! I miss all the battle too!
I just comeback in a month. Everything still the same, i dont want to talk about that (bug, nothing new…). A few people play for 2 days type, i know all for now.
But what can we do for this game? Any options? I still dont know. If we have enought people we can talk about the Friends Cup or anything…

Leave messages here pls!

Best regards,

(Nail) #8

All the PC players were punted and there’s no Android version so it’s pretty much kaput

(g00n) #9

no word in updates or any movement, think it is dead as they move along to other games. It is one of the best unique games I ever played and I have not found anything that resembles or has game value with Multiplayer. I was hoping the developers would give a sign…NOT!

(Nail) #10

pretty sure it was a “proof of concept” game, maybe they go back to it when they finish playing with console titles

(SuperNge) #11

That is best game i’ve play. Its good concept, good strategy, and “deep thinking”. Like Tinker said its “chess”. I will always love it even the game is die.