Very active RAD multiplayer player looking for matches

(Genacide) #1

I play very often longest it will be before my next turn will be 12 hours (if sleeping)

Please add me

RAd game name : Genacide


(Bigtroy68) #2

Just added you , I play very actively in the evenings and weekends. Will accept all invites

(Kingofallnoobs) #3

Add me I just started to play this game but i love it i play non stop so I’m alway up for a match


(Nooby.) #4

My name is nooby. Plz add me I want people who play this game not guys that quit so add my user is nooby. Not nooby don’t forget the dot plz add me soon and let have fun plz invite me to a 14 point game

(Sandman77) #5

Sandman77, I play alot and love new people to play. :slight_smile:

(Nooby.) #6

Sandman do you want to go a match with me I’m lv 16 and love this game


lol i guess im the most active add me PERRIX i hope to see u all in-game i love im lvl 22 or 21 whatever.Bytheway i have a;ready beat genacide, ill add u now. :slight_smile:


also i have 12 players that havent make a move since 3 days ago its ****ing pissing me off i hate those players

(Nooby.) #9

Genacide love to snipe lol just give you guys head up ill add you perrix

(Genacide) #10

I added and started games with all who posted here thanks!!
If I don’t start a game after a match is over please start one with me :slight_smile:

Oh and Perrix you are one tough cookie mate, kicking my arse!

(Ranger007) #11

i just added everyone here =)

just so everyone knows, i only have 4 players.

btw any faster way to earn rad bux besides using money?

(Genacide) #12

You get 1 rad buck every time you level up. Also the few free ones from FB, twitter etc otherwise money

(Oopstwice) #13

I sent all of u invitations. Lets play

(Sandman77) #14

Fun! Fun! Fun!

(Genacide) #15

I will be on for a while playing, add me as friend and send challenge if you want to play “semi” real time next few hours!

P.s. check your friend tab in game alot of times I don’t get notified if someone sent me a request

(PERRIX) #16

waiting for ur move Genacide in 4 h ill go to bed.

(Nooby.) #17

Genacide come on are you give me this win I need a challage that why I like vs you :smiley:

(KopralJono) #18

Hi guys i’m just rookie, please add me KopralJono
and i already add you all

(Nooby.) #19

Cool nice to meet you :smiley: ill go easy

(KopralJono) #20

Lets play…