Ventrillo or Teamspeak anyone have a server?

(G-Force) #1

I was wondering is there a default TS or VENT server that everyone uses? This should make the game a bit more interesting even if on different teams. I am kind of surprised that SD or Nexon doesn’t have one for the BETA. It will also help out to figure if a bug is Game related or End user PC related. I know forums are great but while in game we can troubleshoot some issues a lot faster over a stable voice server. If anyone has a TS server and doesn’t mind me getting on please PM or post on here. I am located in the west coast FYI.

(Fake nick) #2

Teamspeak IP:
Most of the people use this one afaik. I think you still need to have a beta group assigned so please wait in the lobb6 for an admin. I will be there around 6pm cet.

(G-Force) #3

ok thank you again RedTractor

(MissMurder) #4

There is in-game VOIP

(G-Force) #5

I have tried it but no one uses it. So I have no idea if it even works.

(ASD) #6

yes we know but without voiceactivation its kinda useless

(potty1) #7

I use the one redtractor uses. There is an event tonight at 8pm GMT if you wanted to come meet some people. There will also 100% be a server admin online to give you the rights to move,speak,chat,ectect. Just poke someone with the blue server admin icon :slight_smile:

(ASD) #8

till you have the rights in you can use my


(G-Force) #9

Thanks potty I joined up and red gave me access thanks.
ASD. Thanks for offering you’re ts server.

(Fake nick) #10

@G-Force It was my pleasure sir. o:)